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Video Monitors

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LCD Video Security Monitors
Flat screen LCD monitors with video inputs that can be used with most security cameras and recorders.
Picture Tube Video Security Monitors
Classic style picture tube video monitors designed specifically for use with security cameras and CCTV video security systems.
PC Video Monitors
PC Monitors with VGA or HDMI connections for use with standard computers and also for some security DVR's that feature PC monitor video outputs.

What monitor is right for your situation?

  • In most cases you do not need a special monitor. With most cameras and recorders you can use most regular TV's.

  • The type of monitor may be limited by the cameras and the recorder you use. Most security monitors have a BNC video connection. We have adapters for most items that don't have that same connection.

  • All DVR's can be connected to standard TVs. Some can also connect to a PC monitor.

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