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Wireless 5.8GHz Receiver With Built-in Micro SD DVR and LCD Monitor

  • Wireless 5.8 GHz Receiver Monitor and Built-in DVR 16 Channels
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Product Description

This all-in-one Monitor/DVR/Receiver features live viewing, recording, and video playback on a single easy to operate device. Video from your 5.8GHz camera(s) can be viewed live and recorded at the same time.
This kit contains a wireless video receiver with LCD video display and a built-in DVR Digital Video Recorder.
Put your camera in one room and view live and record in a different room without running wires. The video can be transmitted up to 300 feet line-of-sight and will also work through walls, ceilings, floors, and other objects at a reduced range. 5.8 GHz frequency is used to avoid interference that is commonly found on lower frequencies.
The Monitor with built-in DVR/Receiver is capable of receiving video from up to 8 cameras (each camera would be set to a different wireless channel). It is easy to change channels to view other cameras however the monitor can display only one camera at a time. Likewise the built-in DVR will record whatever channel is selected and it can only record one camera/channel at a time.
5-inch HD screen (800X480pix)
Built-in 3200mAh high capacity Li-battery for long continuous recording time up to 9.5 hours or plug into Wall Power for Full-Time Use
Recording space requires 1GB per hour.
Supports up to 32GB memory cards (Micro SD Class 6 or Higher)
Loop Storage Overwrite - The DVR can record until memory is full then can automatically overwrite the oldest video when storage is full so you never run out of room and always have the latest video recorded.
Camera channels can be set to auto rotate or be manual switched
Folding hidden external antenna for excellent wireless reception
AV IN function to record and view from wired cameras
Intelligent motion detect video recording activates continuous record when motion is detected until motion is no longer detected for a period of time, then goes into standby (until motion is detected again).
Power-saving mode can be set to automatically turn off the monitor screen to save battery time
Equipped with full set of mounting brackets, it can be hand-held, placed on a desk or shelf with the built-in stand, hung on the wall with the included brackets, placed inside the car, etc.
Recorded video files can be played-back directly on-screen or the Micro SD Card can be removed and played-back on almost any device or computer including PC and MAC