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BigSecurity Hard Drive Calculator
Recording Codec: H.264 (Geovision Hardware/DVR Based DVRs)       *Recomended MPEG-4 (Geovision Hardware/DVR Based DVRs) MPEG-2 MJPEG

Camera Resolution: Low (176x120) Standard (352x240) High (704x240) Highest (704x480)

Video Quality: Low Normal High

Average Frame Size: KB
Number Of Cameras: -1 +1
Frame Rate Per Camera: FPS*
Hours Camera Will Record: Hours Per Day
Amount of Days To Record: -1 +1

Total Bandwidth Required:
Per Camera:
Size of Hard Drive Needed:

*Note: Our Geovision DVR Cards and our DVR's are available with different video capture and display rates. To determine the frame rate for each camera in your system, take the total FPS number of the desired card or DVR, then divide that number by the number of cameras you will be using.

As an example, 10 cameras connected to a DVR that is capable of 120fps total will display and record the video from each camera at 12fps (120fps/10=12) under normal conditions.

Slow: 1-4fps - Slower than Time Lapse Video Acceptable: 5-9fps - Time Lapse Video Good: 10-15fps - Good Motion Video Better: 16-29fps - Near Full Motion Video Best: 30fps - Full Motion Video

30fps is the normal frame rate for watching TV images from camcorders, VCR's, DVD's, etc.

How much Video can you record?  

This can be a difficult question to answer because there are so many factors to consider.

Of course the larger the hard-drive's) the more you can store, but that's just the beginning.

The other main things to consider are

  • What video-compression format is selected.

  • What resolution or image size is used.

  • What resolution is used.

  • What frame rate is used.

If you are not sure what all those things are, we are happy to explain and help you choose the right equipment. Call or email us today.