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Hidden Cameras
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Hidden Cameras
Hidden Cameras
Hidden Cameras
Hidden Cameras
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Hidden Cameras
  • No wires to run
  • Built-in DVR Video Recorder
  • Uses WiFi to view on Smartphones, Tablets, PC's
  • No wires to run
  • Connects to any video recorder
  • Connects to any video recorder using cable
  • Wearable Hidden Cameras

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NEW! PalmVID Custom Pro Series Hidden Cameras

Now Available in FOUR Different Categories:

Hidden Cameras Spy Cameras and NannyCams Selection

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NEW! WiFi-DVR Series
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NEW! DVR Series
Hidden Cameras

Wireless Series
Hidden Cameras

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Hidden Cameras


PalmVID Adjustable View Smoke Detector Hidden Camera - On Sale $78.88

PalmVID Smoke Detector Hidden Camera with Adjustable View

What's the difference between hidden cameras, spy cameras, and nannycams?

Nannycams are another name for hidden cameras and spy cameras that are primarily used for evaluating the performance of childcare providers.

Why Should You Use a Hidden Camera or Nanny Cam to evaluate your caregiver? Because there is really no other way to know for sure!

When choosing a childcare provider you can find a Nanny through an agency or try to find one yourself. You can check references and run background checks as they are certainly beneficial, but they can't guarantee the quality of care your children will receive.
  • The only way to know for sure is to evaluate their performance on a continuing basis!
  • NannyCams let you evaluate your caregiver's performance and enable you to see how they really care for your children. This can be done every day or as a periodic spot check.
  • Hopefully there will be no issues and you will discover that you have the perfect nanny! Then you will know that your search is over and you will feel better knowing that your children are safe and being cared for.
  • In most cases it is discovered that the nanny is a good employee but it is not unusual to find normal "performance issues" (as you might with any employee). Once discovered these can be addressed and the changes can be evaluated with future video spot checking or daily recording.
  • Find out the important stuff...
    ...are your children happy, healthy, and only disciplined per your instructions?
    ...how much time do they spend with your children compared to watching tv or talking with friends?
    ...are the children left unattended or to watch TV or play video games?

More uses for Hidden Cameras Nannycams and Spy Cameras

  • Monitor care levels at nursing homes and other elder care facilities
  • Catch a Cheater - Find out if your Husband or Wife or Boyfriend or Girlfriend is cheating
  • Prevent internal and employee theft from home or business
  • Monitor employees for work performance
  • Private Investigator and Detective Work
  • Law Enforcement Hidden Camera Surveillance
  • Undercover Investigative Reports Hidden Camera TV News Stories
  • Candid Camera and Hidden Camera Videos and TV Shows
  • Scientific Research Experiments Human Subject Monitoring