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Mini Bluetooth Speaker Hidden Camera with Built-in DVR and WiFi 1280x720

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Product Description

Hidden camera disguised as a fully functional bluetooth speaker with built-in micro SD card recorder PLUS WiFi remote viewing! This miniature Bluetooth speaker features audio playback from any Bluetooth source, plus Micro SD cards, and this model has a color-changing accent light built-in.

Video Quality
This item streams HD digital video at a resolution of 1280x720

Use it anywhere
Ideal for any office environment - home or business! Camera looks out the right side of the item.

Built-in Battery and AC Power
This camera comes with a rechargeable battery, plus it can be left plugged in for constant 24/7 power and operation. Battery lasts approximately 6 hours on a full charge.

View LIVE Video or Playback from Anywhere!
Live remote viewing on almost any device connected to the internet or local network. Use your smartphone or tablet when on the road or your PC at the office to keep an eye on what's happening live.

Motion Alarm Notifications
Receive optional app alerts when motion happens in front of this camera. Never miss out on important events!

Secure Wireless Access
This camera supports WPA/WPA2 encryption, so you can view your video over the internet or over WiFi with confidence.

Records 2 Ways - Local and/or IP Network Internet
Record internally to a removable Micro SD memory card (sold separately). Use up to a 512GB card. When the card is full the oldest video is recycled to make room for the newer video.
Record to remote PC's and other devices over the local network or over the internet.

Multiple recording modes
Manual mode - records 24/7
Motion detection mode will only record when it sees movement in the video

Playback is easy
View the recorded files over the internet using your smart phone or computer, or remove the Micro SD memory card to view the recorded video on any PC (or Mac)

Digital Playback
The video files are recorded as AVI so they can be viewed on almost any PC, Mac, or other devices using popular free software like Windows Media Player or VLC and they can be easily edited by most video editors. Remove the Micro SD card (sold separately) and insert it into your PC to view your recordings, or play back your recordings directly from your smart phone!

Plug and Play
Android, iPhone, iPad, PC and Mac Compatible
Video Resolution 1280x720
Frames Per Second: 15
Video Format AVI
View Angle approx. 72 degrees
Recording Memory Consumption Approx 1GB/hour
Playback Software Windows Media Player or VLC
USB Data/Power Cable Included


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