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Video Transmission

Video Transmission
CAT 5 Video Baluns
Transmit video over CAT5 Network Cable. Use existing network wiring to send video, audio, and power all together. Can be used over short distances up to miles!
Video Transmission Methods:
  • CAT5 Video baluns still require a wire run, but instead of coax cable you can use CAT 5 cable instead. If you already have CAT 5 network cable in your walls, you can use that cable or run new cable. Video Baluns also let you can make much longer runs than regular coax cable (thousands of feet if needed), and can send power "up the cable".

  • Wireless Video Transmitters and receivers are the easiest option because they completely replace all video cables, but you will still need to provide power at the camera location and may be subject to interference from other wireless devices.

Wireless Video Information:
  • Using multiple channels and frequencies, up to 12 wireless cameras may be wireless in a multi-camera wireless system. In most cases each camera needs it's own transmitter and receiver.

  • Ranges vary by system and are rated based on unobstructed line of sight. Average ranges are from 100 to 700 feet, and we even have transmitters rated up to 10 miles for civilian use.

  • More powerful transmitters are available for law-enforcement and military. Call for more information.

  • The wireless signal will transmit through walls, ceilings, and other obstacles but any obstructions may decrease the distance. The more dense the material the more the range is reduced.

  • If too many obstacles create poor reception, this problem can often be solved by using external high-gain antennas (on some receiver models).

Did you know there are many different ways to transmit video besides running coax cables?

For years the only option was coax cable, but now we offer several other video transmission options.

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