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Wall Power AC Adapter Hidden Camera with Built-In DVR 1280x720

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Product Description

Hidden camera disguised as a working Wall Outlet AC/DC power adapter that contains a built-in hidden camera and built-in DVR SD card video recorder!

High Quality Video
1.3 MegaPixel CMOS Camera with 1280x720 Video Resolution

Use it Anywhere
Since AC/DC adapters are so common that makes this model one of the most versatile hidden cameras on the market today. It can be used almost anywhere just by plugging it into a normal wall outlet, power strip, extension cord, etc. It is not necessary to plug the cable into anything, but the power adapter works and can provide power to any device rated for 12 volts DC power up to 500mah.

Built-in DVR Video Recorder
The video is recorded internally to a removable SD memory card (sold separately). It can use normal sized SD memory cards (or micro size with adapter) up to 128GB capacity.

Motion Detection Recording
In motion detection mode it will remain in standby until motion is detected, then only trigger the DVR to record when it sees movement in the view. It can also record in continuous mode for full time recording if desired.

Never run out of power
No need to worry about batteries with this model because it plugs directly into a standard AC outlet so this portable hidden camera can record 24/7 or for as long as you need it to.

Playback is easy
Remove the SD memory card to view the recorded video on any PC (or Mac)!

Digital Playback
The video files are recorded as AVI (H.264) so they can be viewed on almost any PC, Mac, or other devices using popular free software like Windows Media Player or Kmplayer and they can be easily edited by most video editors. The SD card can be removed and used for playback or it can be connected directly with a USB cable to transfer the files.

BigSecurity Honest Review, True Sample Video, and Hidden Camera Comparison Testing:

This item and many other hidden cameras for sale online are manufactured overseas. We now offer these cameras at factory-direct pricing. Our goal is to give our customers an honest review and offer these items at the lowest price of any USA-based company. In addition when you buy this item from BigSecurity you get our Free 1 Year Warranty, Free Expert Lifetime USA-based Tech Support, Fast Shipping from Colorado Springs, Colorado, and we also take the extra step of testing each item individually right before it ships out so you can be sure it will work when you receive it.

From our testing we liked that this model simply plugs into any wall outlet for power. That way it doesn't need any batteries and it can run all the time. The motion-detection recording works well. The working DC power functionality makes it useful for powering other devices and makes it harder to discover as a hidden camera.

Removable memory cards make it easy to swap out memory cards playback and transfer files. It has loop-recording mode that means that when the memory is full the recording will continue by deleting the oldest video to make room for the newer video. This means you can leave it running all the time and it will always have the latest video available for review.

The camera in this model is designed to shoot straight-out the face and it is aimed slightly upward. For this reason it is normally only recommended for lower wall outlets. It gives a very good perspective the way the camera is aimed upward. We also found that there are ways that it could be used and aimed with an extension cord or power strip.

This model delivers very high resolution and the low-light ability is good compared to other models. It has a wide field of view that covers a big area. In the sample video below the man is standing 12 feet away from the camera. The counter is 6 feet wide. If you use the Side-By-Side Sample Video Player to compare other sample videos for other items you will find it does a good job in picture quality and low-light performance compared to other models.

Our Recommendations: We think this camera is a very good model and we have received positive feedback from our customers. Upgrades to this model include the ACADAPTER-WF-V3 that adds WiFi functionality or any of the Custom Series DVR Models  or the Custom Series WiFi-DVR Models that feature over 20 items each that are ASSEMBLED IN THE USA using higher-quality cameras and other components.

Sample Video

Compare this camera to other Hidden Cameras
on the same screen at the same time with our:

Side-By-Side Video Player

Plug and Play
PC and Mac Compatiblee
1.1.3 MegaPixel CMOS Camera
Video Resolution 1280x720
Video Format AVI (H.264)
FPS 30fps
View Angle 72 degrees
Low Light Illumination 1 LUX
Memory SD Card Max Size 128GB
Recording Memory Consumption Approx 3.5GB/hour
Playback Software Windows Media Player or Kmplayer
Dimensions 2.75 x 1.25 x 1.25 Inches


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