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Smoke Detector Hidden Camera with Adjustable View

  • PalmVID Smoke Detector Hidden Camera with Adjustable View
  • PalmVID Smoke Detector Hidden Camera with Adjustable View
  • Smoke Detector DVR Series Hidden Nanny Camera  -  SMOKE-DVR

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Product Description

PalmVID Pro Custom Series Smoke Detector Hidden Camera with DVR

Hidden Cameras Spy Cameras and NannyCams Selection PalmVID Pro Custom Series Made in U.S.A.

PalmVID Pro Custom Series - Hand-assembled in Colorado Springs, Colorado USA Since 1999

● Made with high-quality electronics that deliver excellent picture quality, low-light performance, and frame rates

● Made with high-quality enclosures that are better quality than the Import Series models

● This model can be custom-built to meet specific needs (call for details)

FREE USA-Based LIFETIME Technical Support Included

● 18 Month Parts and Labor Warranty Included

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

This Smoke Detector Hidden Camera looks just like a normal smoke detector but instead it contains a HDTV quality video camera and miniature HDTV DVR digital video recorder.

NEW ADJUSTABLE CAMERA VIEW! The adjustable camera mount allows the user to easily adjust the camera viewing angle from inside the smoke detector. This means that the smoke detector can be mounted to the ceiling then the camera can be aimed/adjusted up/down to deliver the perfect camera viewing angle for each application. Beware of other smoke detector hidden cameras that have a fixed camera view!

NEW LONGER BATTERY LIFE or FULL-TIME POWER! This model can be powered full time from AC power and/or with rechargeable battery packs. The DVR-PRO model now has a battery-standby time of up to 100 Days!

New Adjustable Smoke Detector Hidden Camera
DVR Hidden Spy Camera Series Review Feature Highlights
Complete hidden cameras with built-in Micro SD card DVR video recorders
Hidden cameras and spy cameras with extra long life, extended life, extra life, super life, and extreme life
Hidden Camera with built-in DVRs and motion detection motion activted motion detection recording modes
Multiple playback methods for hidden cameras spy cameras and nanny cams with built-in DVRs
Get a free mini remote control with these hidden camera spy camera and nannycam models
Review and compare DVR Lite or DVR Pro Series Hidden Cameras Spy Cameras and Nanny Cams 

Both series are very capable of full time typical surveillance and nanny cam type applications.
Both series have the following features:
- HDTV 720p High Resolution Video Cameras
- Micro SD card DVR video recorder built-in
- Motion detection recording or continuous recording

The main advantages of the Pro Series are:
- Advanced CMOS camera image sensor and Advanced DVR
- Better image color and clarity
- Better low light performance
- Advanced motion recording modes
- Smaller video file sizes for more recording time
- Auto-recycle mode can record over oldest video when memory is full
- Video playback and on-screen menus when connected to a TV
- Easier to playback and easier to search recorded video

Series DVR Lite Model DVR Pro Model

Camera Information
Camera Type CMOS Image Sensor Advanced CMOS Image Sensor
Camera Resolution HDTV 720p 1.3 Megapixel HDTV 720p 1.3 Megapixel
Camera Low Light Good Very Good

DVR Information
Recording Resolution 1280x720 1280x720
Remote Control Yes Yes - Advanced
Time and Date Stamp Yes Yes
Motion Activated Recording Yes - Basic Yes - Advanced
File Type AVI MJPEG AVI H264
Recording Location Micro SD Card Micro SD Card
Memory Card Size up to 32 GB up to 512 GB
HDTV Recording Rate ~ 5 GB per Hour ~ 2 GB per Hour
Standard Resolution Recording Rate N/A ~ 0.75 GB per Hour
Auto Recycle Storage Overwrite Yes Yes
Firmware Upgradable Yes Yes
Photo Snapshot Mode Yes Yes
Live Video TV Output No Yes
Playback on TV with Video Out No Yes
On Screen Menus No Yes
Configurable Video Quality Settings No Yes
Format SD Card with Device No Yes
Configurable Recording File Length No Yes

Power Information
DC Power Requirement 5VDC 5VDC
AC/DC Wall Power Supply Yes (included) Yes (included)

Battery Information
Battery Life Using Motion Activated Recording Modes
Standard Battery (included) Up to 2 Hours Up to 4 Hrs (7 Days Standby in PIR Mode)
Extra-Life Battery (optional) Up to 24 Hours Up to 16 Hrs (50 Days Standby in PIR)
Super-Life Battery (optional) Up to 48 Hours Up to 32 Hrs (100 Days Standby in PIR)

DVR Lite Series Sample Video

DVR Pro Series Sample Video

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