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Movie Theater Security Systems

Video Security Camera Systems for Movie Theaters

Our Solution for Movie Theaters

Get a Free quote for security cameras or a complete video security camera system. We will work with you to design an affordable video security system tailored to your unique needs.

What other uses are there for video security camera systems?
  • Are people sneaking into movies?
  • Do you have multiple concession stands to watch?
  • Is vandalism an issue in your theaters?
  • Is money disappearing from the registers?
  • Are employees letting their friends in?
  • Watching procedures to increase productivity.
  • Checking employee shift times.
  • To check on customer service by employees.
  • Watching your cameras over the internet.
    Get a video security camera system for your Movie Theater...

    They’ve been dying to see this film, have waited in line for longer than they’d like, have purchased the popcorn, the jumbo-sized soda, the candy, and are now in their seats.  The excitement builds as they anticipate the opening of the curtain.  In short, they couldn’t be happier and they’re willing to pay for it, too.

    But after all of that hard work, time (and not to mention money for the rights to run that big blockbuster), something goes wrong: vandalism inside the Theater, stolen property, unruly guests (usually sitting directly in front or in the back) that completely ruin the whole experience.  Even troublesome individuals outside of the Theater or in the parking lot can intimidate most guests and prevent any parent from feeling safe dropping their children off at YOUR MOVIE THEATER ever again.

    A successful Movie Theater’s reputation – in other words, YOUR movie-goer’s  entire experience – can be ruined by poor security.  Worse yet, word will spread ten times faster than any positive one that “your Theater isn’t as good as the other one.”  Though hardly fair, those are the facts. 

    How can BigSecurity help?

    BigSecurity designs and implements a comprehensive video camera system that takes into account all of your security needs.  Our professional security specialists customize a complete video surveillance system solution uniquely designed FOR YOUR THEATER – with it’s unique architecture and layout, both inside and out in the parking lot, all of those corners and nooks with problematic lighting that are often missed by the human eye, and that infamous moment when the lights go down.

    At BigSecurity, our professionally trained staff will guarantee that you have the most effective hidden or visible video cameras installed properly, showing you what works best for recording images, clearly and efficiently replaying any wrongdoing, and are there for you if anything should go wrong from start to finish.  And we do it quickly, effectively, and confidentially

    In short, BigSecurity allows you to make it clear that your MOVIE THEATER (inside and even out in the parking lot) is under close scrutiny, under the eyes and ears of your managers and employees.  Your guests will enjoy what you, also, deserve to have: PEACE OF MIND.  And the less than scrupulous ones (most of the time, only one “bad apple”) will think twice about ruining the show for you or your guests.

    Let BigSecurity be YOUR silent partner in security – YOUR SUPER USHER – so your guests can enjoy the movie experience, safely monitored, reassured, and left to imagine that they’re the only ones in YOUR THEATER. 

    Whether it’s our camera/surveillance systems, video security packages, hidden or visible security cameras that are customized to your unique needs, or wireless-remote recording devices – let each movie-goer BE A HAPPY GUEST by allowing us to imagine REAL solutions to your security issues….

    For more information on how you can protect your business, BigSecurity invites you to call one of our security specialists toll-free at (800)947-7328 or visit our informative interactive presentation and live video camera demonstrations for even more details.

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