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Video Security Camera Systems for Casinos

Our Solution for Casinos

Get a Free quote for security cameras or a complete video security camera system. We will work with you to design an affordable video security system tailored to your unique needs.

What other uses are there for video security camera systems?
  • Do you need top of the line security for your casino?
  • Is facial recognition important?
  • Are all the tables and slots under surveillance?
  • Do you need to watch all the dealers and employees?
  • Is anyone cheating your casino?
  • Watching procedures to increase productivity.
  • Checking employee shift times.
  • To check on customer service by employees.
  • Multiple playback options.
    Get a video security camera system for your Casino...

    Next to a bank or credit union, Casinos require one of the most comprehensive security surveillance systems.  The fact is that there is too much money on hand, in one place – far too tempting for any crook or thief.

    As a security manager and employee of a casino, BigSecurity’s experience in the industry is essential since there are no second chances in the gaming industry – once you’ve been robbed or cheated, the culprit rarely returns for a risky second round at your facility.

    What BigSecurity provides for you is a comprehensive video camera system that takes into account all of your gaming facility’s needs: the cheaters at the table, the dealer who is tempted into scamming with a partner, the practiced con artist who quickly steals other honest players’ chips, and even the purse or wallet snatcher who takes advantage of the excitement, whistles and bells that makes your casino so much fun for the honest gamer.

    Let BigSecurity not only customize a video surveillance system solution uniquely designed FOR YOUR Casino (with it’s unique architecture, layout, corners and problematic lighting), but also provide the next step that most companies won’t provide in a timely manner: first-rate customer service from security professionals.  Our staff will guarantee that you have the most effective hidden or visible video cameras installed properly, we’ll show you what works best for recording images, and are there for you if anything should go wrong from the start.  And we do it quickly, effectively, and confidentially.

    In short, BigSecurity allows you to make it clear that your casino (inside and even out in the parking lot) is under close scrutiny, under the eyes and ears of your managers and security employees.  The honest dealers and employees will be more at ease with our partnership, and the less than scrupulous ones will think twice about theft or gaming scams in general.

    Let BigSecurity be YOUR silent partner for your security needs, so your gaming patrons can enjoy themselves, safely monitored and reassured.  Let the games begin by letting BigSecurity imagine the solutions to your security issues, and let BigSecurity provide them in the quickest, most efficient manner possible.

    For more information on how you can protect your business, BigSecurity invites you to call one of our security specialists toll-free at (800)947-7328 or visit our informative interactive presentation and live video camera demonstrations for even more details.

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