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Weatherproof Security Cameras
These cameras do not require additional housings, they are weatherproof by design. Great for rain, sleet, snow. Designed for hot or cold conditions.
Vandalproof Security Cameras
Cameras with heavy-duty housings and mounts that can take a beating, tamper-proof screws, hidden cabling than can’t be cut, and other solutions to keep your cameras from becoming victims of vandalism.
Night Vision Infrared Security Cameras
Cameras that can “see in total darkness” using built-in infrared LED lights. Infrared light is completely visible to these cameras but cannot be seen by the human eye.
Low Light Security Cameras
Cameras with special circuitry to digitally brighten the image. They see in low light situations even better than the human eye.
Slow Shutter Security Cameras
Cameras with special circuitry that slows down the shutter speed when the light level is low. This enables these cameras to let in more light. These cameras deliver the best quality video in low-light situations.
Wide Dynamic Range Security Cameras
Cameras with special circuitry that delivers a clear/bright image even when subjects or objects are “backlit”. Some examples of backlighting are when the sun or bright lights are in the video behind the subject.
High Resolution Security Cameras
Cameras that deliver a much better image with more detail and clarity than normal cameras. The higher the resolution the sharper the video will be.
Mega Pixel Security Cameras
A giant leap for security video quality. Mega Pixel cameras deliver the sharpest video available. The video quality and detail far surpass normal High Resolution cameras.
Variable Focus Zoom Security Cameras
Cameras that have lenses that can be adjusted to get a close up or wider shot. Some models are manually adjusted, others have motors.
Pan Tilt Zoom PTZ Security Cameras
Cameras with motors than can move the camera up/down and left/right. These cameras can also zoom in and out (like a camcorder).
Not sure what features you need?

Cameras have features. Lots and lots of features. Sometimes it's difficulty to know what features you need and which ones you don't.

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Built-In Audio Security Cameras
Cameras with built-in microphones. Microphones can be added to almost all other cameras, but these models have them built-in.
Built-In Wireless Video Security Cameras
Cameras that send the video signal using wireless video transmitters and receivers. No video cables to run! The video is sent wirelessly through the air.
Built-In IP Web Security Cameras
Use your local network (LAN) or even the internet to view and record these cameras on your PC. These cameras have wired and/or Wi-Fi network connectivity built-in.
Built-In DVR Security Cameras
A digital video recorder (DVR) is built-in to these cameras, eliminating the need for a separate recorder. The easiest security cameras to install because there are no wires to run and no other equipment is needed.
These cameras have more than just "features" they have built-in extras that really make a big difference!

These are just a few things these cameras are capable of thanks to the built-in extras...

View over the internet on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and PC's

Record when motion is detected or 24/7

Zoom in for a closer view or move around to see in different directions

Hear what's happening by adding a microphone to any camera