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PTZ Multi-Function Control Keyboard For PTZ Dome Cameras

  • Accessories PTZ Controllers PTZ-CONT-AU40-Z  -  15-AU40Z

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Ends Friday 10/1/2021


Product Description

  • closeout multiple camera, Pan Tilt Zoom controller box for our CD55 PTZ Video Security cameras.

What's Special About It?

  • This box will let you control the motors of many pan/tilt/zoom cameras and mounts to enable movement of the camera in any direction and zoom in or out to bring the camera picture closer or make it wider.
  • The controller has an extremely easy to use Joystick for its Up, Down, Left, and Right camera functions.  Its multiple 2-way switches also allow for zoom, focus, and iris adjustments. A variable dial lets you determine the speed of any movement from very slow to very fast.
  • Its multi-tasking design allows for you to control over 32 cameras from this one controller!
  • With 128 preset points and the ability to have up to six cruise tracks, it's the best controller possible to take advantage of all of CD55's features and functions! 

Other Info You Should Know?

  • This controller box is only compatible with our CD55 PTZ video security camera.

Why is this item being offered at a clearance price?

  • closeout items are offered at clearance price due to a number of factors.  This product may have been a special order item which we normally do not carry, it may be an open box item/exchange piece, a discontinued item/model, or it may be a scratch and dent product. (Please call to find out more information about this clearance item)

How many items are left to sell?

  • clearance/closeout items vary in quantitly available.  Before you order, please call us in order to ensure your item is in stock and available to sell.