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Mini Video Camera with Built-in DVR and IR Night Vision

  • Mini Video Camera with Built-in DVR and IR Night Vision
  • Mini Video Camera with Built-in DVR and IR Night Vision
  • Mini Video Camera with Built-in DVR and IR Night Vision
  • Mini Video Camera with Built-in DVR and IR Night Vision

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Product Description

One of the world's smallest all-in-one 720p  HDTV 5 MegaPixel CMOS digital video cameras! Measures Only .75 x .75 x .75 Inches
Use it anywhere! This tiny mini video camera has thousands of uses.

Built-in DVR Digital Video Recorder can record 1280x720 HDTV quality video!

Use it anywhere you would use a normal video camera and use it in places that a normal larger camera could never go! Works in almost any recording situation such as family events, activities and entertainment, business meetings, outdoor sports.

The small size and light weight makes it great to use with remote control cars, or get aerial video from RC planes, RC quadcopters, and other RC devices. It's so small you could also attach it to a kite or even helium balloons!

Works as a Webcam (or Security Webcam)
When connected to a computer with the included USB cable it can function as a webcam. Use it with any software that is webcam compatible including almost every type of popular Webcam Security software.

It's got everything you need built-in!
- Video Camera
- DVR (Digital Video Recorder)
- Rechargeable Battery
- Microphone

Full-time power with the included USB cord connected or use the built-in rechargeable battery when a power source isn't available (battery lasts approximately 60 minutes on a full charge).

Record 90 minutes of video to the built-in DVR Digital Video Recorder using the built-in battery, or record for longer by keeping the camera plugged into a cell phone charger or portable power supply
The video storage rate is approximately 1 GB per hour of video. The video and audio are recorded as files to a Micro SD Card (not included). Micro SD memory cards the same tiny memory cards that smartphones use and they can be used with adapters to fit into larger normal SD Card slots in other devices. This camera will take up to and including a 256GB Micro SD Card

Playback Video Files (or transfer files) with any Computer
- Connect with USB cable (included) to transfer video files (and to charge the battery)
- Connect Micro SD Memory card to any device with Micro SD card readers (or full size SD card readers with full size adapter)

Important note: Google has featured this model as a "Nanny Cam" and while that could be one use for this item it is designed to function as a digital mini-camcorder. Click the link below to view many other hidden cameras that are designed for use as a nannycam.

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