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Mini Preamp In-Line RCA Microphone

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Product Description

  • High quality in-line mini pre-amplified (powered) white microphone for security cameras
  • This tiny in-line microphone can be added as a built-in (or external) microphone to almost any security camera or security camera system
  • 12 volt power pass-through - 1 power input and 1 power output jack so you can use a single power cord to power the microphone and pass-through the power to the camera
  • Pre-amp audio signal - This microphone boosts the audio signal so you can connect it to any audio recorder with a low-level input. This is the most common type of audio input on security DVR's and other video recorders designed to for video security recording. These normally use RCA-style inputs and that is the connector that is built-in to this cable. Please note that this microphone uses RCA video connections, and most of our cameras use BNC video connections. Adapters are available to convert the connection to other styles. Purchase this microphone with our Audio/Video/Power cable and all necessary adapters will be included free of charge! This model features white cable, making it much less noticeable.