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DVR iPhone iPad iPod Demo

 DVR App Demo for iPhone iPad and iPod
  • All Standalone DVRs include this FREE remote viewing software.
  • There are NO monthly fees or other charges except for what you normally pay for your internet connection. 

NVMS7000 Software 
for iPhone iPad iPod

Demo instructions for iPhone iPad and iPod

  1. Open the App Store (on your Apple Device)

  2. Search for "NVMS7000"

  3. Install the NVMS7000 App (onto your Apple Device)

  4. Run NVMS7000 after install is complete

  5. Tap "Menu" button (looks like three lines in the upper Left corner)

  6. Tap "Devices"

  7. Tap the plus sign "+"

  8. Enter the settings from the table below (on your device)

  9. Tap the "Save" icon (upper right corner)

  10. Press the "Start Live View" Button (it should connect and show live camera feeds)

  11. If you don't see live feeds call (800)947-7328 option 2

Field Name Demo Settings
Alias bigsecurity
Register Mode (IP/Domain)
Address palmvidserver.dyndns.org
Port 5010
User Name guest
Password guest.7328
Camera No. (it will auto detect)

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This Surveillance Software is included FREE with all of our Standalone DVRs