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Security Camera Power Inverter 24 Volt AC to 12 Volt DC 1.5 Amps

  • DV-AT1201-D01

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$29.95 Sale Holiday Sale
(Sale Ends Friday 12/15/17)

Product Description

  • power inverter that changes 24 volt AC power to 12 volt DC power

What's Special About It?

  • Many existing camera installations are pre-wired with 24 volt AC power, but many modern systems use 12 volt DC instead. This inverter will insure your camera gets the correct type of power.

When Would This Item Be Used?

  • Camera installations using existing 24 volt AC power supplies (but need a 12 volt DC camera added) will find this item to be invaluable.

What's Included?

  • One (1) 24 volt AC power inverter
  • Maximum output 12 volt DC 1.5 amps