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30 FPS USB Video Adapter with Audio

  • DVRs USB Video Devices USBVIDEO  -  AD02A

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Product Description

  • Analog to Digital USB Style Video Converter Cable and Software!

Whats Special About It?

  • Converts analog RCA Video signals into a digital format for recording directly on your computer!
  • Plug and Play style connection makes it simple and fast to get connected and recording right away.
  • This model supports one audio input!

Whats Included?

  • USB Converter Cable
  • Software

Why is this item being offered at a clearance price?

  • closeout items are offered at clearance price due to a number of factors.  This product may have been a special order item which we normally do not carry, it may be an open box item/exchange piece, a discontinued item/model, or it may be a scratch and dent product. (Please call to find out more information about this clearance item)

How many items are left to sell?

  • clearance/closeout items vary in quantitly available.  Before you order, please call us in order to ensure your item is in stock and available to sell.