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16 Input H.264 120/480 FPS DVR Recorder with Built-In Network Card

  • DVRs 16 Channel DVR's DVR16-H264-USB  -  DVRC264 16CH USB

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Ends Friday 10/1/2021


Product Description

  • 16 Channel, 240 FPS Stand-alone Recorder with Remote Viewing!

Whats Special About It?

  • Its H.264 video compression is the latest in video technology.  It not only allows for small sized video recordings to be saved but it also leaves more storage room on your hard drive compared to any other recording codec out today.
  • It supports up to sixteen video inputs to be monitored/recorded simultaneously!
  • Watch your video live through the internet using any PC with Internet Explorer!

Other Info You Should Know?

  • This DVR requires SATA type internal memory Hard Drives.
  • This DVR has a built-in VGA and S-Vid video output.
  • This DVR comes with a USB Mouse for easy navigation through menus.

Whats Included?

  • DVR Recorder
  • Remote Control
  • USB Mouse (for navigation)
  • Software
  • Users Manual

Why is this item being offered at a clearance price?

  • closeout items are offered at clearance price due to a number of factors.  This product may have been a special order item which we normally do not carry, it may be an open box item/exchange piece, a discontinued item/model, or it may be a scratch and dent product. (Please call to find out more information about this clearance item)

How many items are left to sell?

  • clearance/closeout items vary in quantitly available.  Before you order, please call us in order to ensure your item is in stock and available to sell.