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Board Camera Lenses
Assorted lenses for circuit-board style mini cameras and some other mini cameras.
EX View Board Lenses
Assorted lenses for Ultra Low Light mini cameras
CS Manual Iris Lenses
Assorted CS style lenses with manual iris adjustment
CS Auto Iris Lenses
Assorted CS style lenses with automatic iris that adjusts to changing light conditions.
The correct lenses make all the difference!
  • If you aren't getting the shot you want from your cameras you can move the camera closer or farther to get the shot you want, or you could just change lenses instead.

  • Almost every camera we sell includes a lens (but there are some exceptions). It is normally about a 4mm lens that gives a wide angle of view. To get a closer view just change to a higher number mm lens.

  • If you purchase a new camera we can install your lenses before they ship.