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Geovision Android Droid Demo

 Geovision GV-AView App Demo for Android
  • All Geovision products include this FREE remote viewing software.
  • There are NO monthly fees or other charges except for what you normally pay for your internet connection. 

Geovision Demo
GV-AView Software for Android

GV-AView Demo instructions for Android Devices

  1. Open the Android Market (on your Android Device)

  2. Search for Geovision GV-AView

  3. Download the GV-AView App (onto your Android Device)

  4. Run GV-AView after install is complete

  5. Enter the settings below (on your device)

  6. Press the Connect Button

Note: Be sure to select NVR/DVR
Field Name Demo Settings
Profile Name (any name you want)
IP bigsecurity.dyndns.org:4016
Port 4015
User Name guest
Password (leave blank)

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This Geovision Surveillance Software is included FREE with all 3 options below: 

Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
Buy a PC Card that turns your computer Into a Security DVR Buy a New Dell PC with Geovision Hardware and Software Installed. Buy a complete Geovision PC-DVR System and Cameras
Geovision card and surveillance software PC DVR Geovision surveillance systems 16 security camera geovision surveillance system
Geovision PC Cards
Hardware Included: a PCI or PCIx type card that installs to an open slot inside your Desktop PC.
Geovision Dell PC DVRs
Hardware Included: New Dell PC with Geovision Hardware installed
Geovision DVRs with Cameras
Hardware Included: Geovision DVR Cards and Dell PC's with Cameras

Any option you select will enable you to use the power of the Internet 
to View and Record Your Security Cameras Anywhere, Anytime, and Anyway you want!