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Color Switching Outdoor High Res License Plate Night Vision Security Camera


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Product Description

This super long range outdoor security camera is specifically designed to capture vehicle license plates - even in complete darkness! View any area at night up to 200 feet away with the long-range motorized zoom lens, or adjust this camera's built-in infrared LED's to capture license plates on vehicles up to 60 feet away! The included wireless remote control makes installing and using this license plate camera easier than ever!

What's Special About It?

  • Trying to capture license plates at night with a traditional security camera can be difficult, as the license plate headlights and tail lights are too bright to allow a standard security camera to read the license plate in the middle. But now, with this specially-designed camera, you will have a reliable record of any vehicle that drives into its field of view. Once you mount this camera using its included heavy-duty mounting bracket, you will be able to wirelessly zoom the lens, and also adjust the iris and shutter speed so that you can get the perfect shot that the police and other investigators need of a vehicle's license plate! And with 560 TV lines of resolution, you can be assured the video from this camera will be clear enough to make out the license plate. Plus, IP66 dust and moisture protection and built-in heater and blower will let you mount this camera with confidence outside your retail or commercial property.

Other Info You Should Know:

  • .001 lux rating with slow-shutter technology (0 lux with infrared LED's on)
  • 6-96mm motorized zoom lens - that's a 16x zoom!
  • 12 volt DC 1200 mAh power supply included

Other Details

- Color and B/W (Day-Night)
- 560 Lines of Resolution
- 0 LUX Rating
- 1/3 Inch Image Sensor
- 6mm-96mm Zoom Lens
- Night Vision Range: 200 Foot
- Built-in Heater/Blower
- Weatherproof
- Night Vision
- Slow Shutter
- Motorized Zoom Lens
- Remote Control
- License Plate Recognition
- Wired BNC
- 12VDC
- Wall Power Supply
- Wall/Ceiling Mount