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Image Sensors?

The image sensor chip determines the video quality and low light performance

Make sure you know exactly what image sensor you are getting before you buy a security camera from anyone.

BEWARE! If they don't know or wont tell you what image sensor their cameras have inside then RUN!

The Magic of Security Camera Image Sensors

These tiny chips are AMAZING when you think about them. They are smaller than a dime and they contain millions of microscopic-sized pixels.

The camera lens sits directly on top of this chip. The light travels through the lens and is focused onto these pixels.

The 'magic' of converting the light into a digital image happens at this point. Each pixel registers the light that hits it and sends a signal down the line when it gets a 'hit'.

This is how each single "picture" is made on all digital cameras (including security cameras). To make a video it needs to perform that entire process 10-60 times a second.

So what does that all mean?

For the best performance you need a camera with a good image sensor.

In general the more pixels the better and the larger the chip the better. Only BigSecurity sorts all of our cameras this way and lets you compare all of them with an online demo.

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